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Urban planning documents

General urban plans (GUP)

BUREAU CUBE PARTNERS prepares strategic urban development planning documents with general elements of spatial development of settlements and cities through the creation of the General urban plan (GUP), offering General urban solutions  of urban functions, traffic corridors and infrastructure projects on the level of coverage of construction areas.

General Regulation Plans (PGR)

BUREAU CUBE PARTNERS provides all the necessary conditions for the further development of a binding planning documents of higher order, through the preparation and implementation of plans of general regulation (PGR), as the area of settlements and cities and a network of facilities and areas of public use.

Plans for detailed regulation (PDR)

BUREAU CUBE PARTNERS prepares, implements and enforces the entire procedure and processes necessary for the purposes of settlements and cities, informal settlements, zones of urban renewal and infrastructure corridors, through the development of plans for detailed regulation (PDR) with the compositional and formal planning solutions of bloc continent as a matrix ancillary of urban sections.